Creative Screen Technologies

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We have been producing quality stencils since 1971.  We specialize in direct emulsion stencils, and carry different emulsions to suit your job.  We can handle any size stencil up to 5 feet by 11 feet! 

T-Shirt Stencils
  • Small - $26.00
  • Large - $39.00

Direct Emulsion Stencils

  • Small - $33.00
  • Medium - $38.00
  • Large - $72.00

Film Positives

We can produce high quality lith film postives from your camera ready artwork.  We can enlarge or reduce your original image to the size you need through our horizontal graphic camera.  Our max one piece film size is 20" x 24", but can splice up to any size.  Film is priced per square inch, feel free to give us a call for a quote.  We outsource our digital files to FIlm Output (800.975.3456).  Just let them know it is for CST, and they will mail your postive directly to us. 


We can reclaim your screens.  We ask that there is no wet ink on your frames.  We can also haze your screens to remove ghost imaging. 
  • Small - $11.00
  • Medium - $18.00
  • Large - $29.00